Tim Vicary "The Bronte Story"

Tim Vicary "The Bronte Story"



Tim Vicary

Some people have a special talent, for music, or for drawing and painting, or for writing. No one knows where this talent comes from. Perhaps people are born with it; perhaps it comes from God. Or perhaps it is chance or luck that allows this talent to grow, like sunshine bringing a plant into flower. The special talent of three of the Bronte girls was for writing. No one taught them to write - they taught themselves, and the three of them wrote some of the great novels of the nineteenth century. But life was not easy at home in Haworth. The family was not rich, and the children had to work for a living. And one by one, illness and death cut off their lives and their talents. But the novels written by Charlotte, Emily, and Anne live on, year after year. This is not one of the stories they wrote; it is about them. It is the story that their father did not write, but might have written: the story of the family that he had for such a short time.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1000 Total words: about 9800
Hard words: advertisement, article, artist, bark, Bible, blind, breathe, bury, candle, cart, coach, cough, cruel, curate, curtain, devil, donkey, draw, drunk, duke, evil, funeral, God, governess, grave, gravestone, graveyard, grow up, heather, howl, invent, kiss, laudanum, laughter, moor, oil-paint, operate, paint, pale, papa, piano, poem, pray, print, proud, publish, pupil, rector, servant, shy, sofa, stroke, tear, tiny, toy, water-colours, wicked


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