"The Fly and Other Horror Stories"

"The Fly and Other Horror Stories"

"The Fly and Other Horror Stories"


George Langelaan
Christopher Fower
William Hope Hodgson
William F. Temple
Robert Aickman
H. G. Wells
Roald Dahl

Science is both our friend and our enemy. It invents medicines and electronic wheelchairs; it invents chemical weapons and bombs. But who can stop the march of science? Scientists will go on looking, thinking, exploring, wondering, inventing ... and mistakes will be made, as they always have been.

  A French professor in his laboratory works night and day on his new invention - a method of travelling that requires no actual movement at all. His research is nearly finished, his machines are ready, and now the experiments begin ... with terrifying results. But horror in these stories is found not only in the laboratories of scientists. It is also found in a Californian desert town, in a mist on the Pacific, in an English cathedral, in a seaside town, on a London street, in the neat little house of a dear old lady. But most of all, horror lies in the mind, in those dark shadowy unexplored places in our memories and our dreams.

  There are following stories in this book:

  ‘The Fly’ by George Langelaan;

  ‘Cooking the Book’ by Christopher Fower;

  ‘The Voice in the Night’ by William Hope Hodgson;

  ‘The Whispering Gallery’ by William F. Temple;

  ‘Ringing the Changes’ by Robert Aickman;

  ‘The Stolen Body’ by H. G. Wells;

  ‘The Landlady’ by Roald Dahl;

  ‘Laura’ by Saki.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,500. Total words: about 29,360
Hard words: ahoy, alibi, angel, apparition, ashtray, asylum, atom, barbecue, booth, brass, cabin, cathedral, cemetery, champagne, chef, confirm, conveyor, courtyard, crew, deck, disc, dip, disintegration, dome, faith, fungus, gallery, guillotine, guinea pig, honeymoon, hounds, insurance, landlady, mast, medium, monster, motel, oar, otter, parrot, peal, porter, raft, reincarnate, saint, salmon, sane, schooner, seance, set, shed, skeleton, spider, strawberry, stick, suck, sweat, tar, temple, tile, trance, tile, trance, transmit, tray, velvet, verger, web



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