Robert Ludlum "Jason Bourne Adventures. Volume 3: Bourne Ultimatum"

Robert Ludlum "Jason Bourne Adventures. Volume 3: Bourne Ultimatum"

Robert Ludlum "Jason Bourne Adventures. Volume 3: Bourne Ultimatum"


Robert Ludlum

The Jackal is an international assassin, a professional terrorist, who kills for people who can pay his high fees. For years he and Jason Bourne have hunted each other, but now the Jackal is growing old. He wants to try one last time to kill his hated rival. Then Bourne will know - and the world will say - that he, Carlos, is the best. Bourne has two options: he can go into hiding with his family and live in fear, or he can find the Jackal and kill him. He chooses, as always, to take action.

Bourne’s real name is David Webb and he works as a professor at a small university in Maine, in the United States. For years, since the events described in The Bourne Supremacy - second volume in Bourne series - he has led the quiet life of an academic. He has two children and is now past fifty, but he knows that for his own survival and the survival of his family he must become Jason Bourne again - and he must find the physical strength and skills of a much younger man.

The Bourne Ultimatum takes us from the United States to the islands of the Caribbean, then to Paris, and finally to the Soviet Union during its final years. This was a country ruled by the Communist Party and controlled by its security service, the KGB. In this tightly-run state, Bourne at last comes face to face with the Jackal. And against this background, the name “Medusa” is heard again. The young officers of Vietnam are now older men in senior positions. They still work closely together, but their aim now is money and power.

Jason Bourne Adventures series: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum are all bestsellers and were made into movies starring Matt Damon. The stories in the movies, however, are very different from the books. In the movie of The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne is hunted by the CIA; in the book, the CIA tries to help him. The movie, in fact, has very little in common with the book, except for the name of its main character and some details of his background.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 3,000. Total words: about 30,080
Hard words: assassin, barrel, binoculars, cobra, compound, comrade, concierge, cover, crouch, dart, flare, grenade, hypodermic, immigration, jackal, jeep, limousine, limp, missile, nun, panic, pistol, psychiatry, recess, steward, stun, suite, tattoo, ultimatum, villa



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