Tim Vicary "The Everest Story"

Tim Vicary "The Everest Story"



Tim Vicary

What is the most exciting and difficult thing in the world to do? You can run a marathon in the desert, travel around the world by bicycle, cross Antarctica on foot - the list goes on and on. But for one group of people the dream is to climb to the summit of Everest - a place where perhaps one day they can stand for a few minutes, and know that they are higher than anybody else in the world. When the British climber George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he said, ‘Because it’s there.’ Many of those who come to the mountain are strong and brave, and some are lucky. But all are part of a story that has danger, success, death, and mystery at its centre. This is the story of Everest.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1000 Total words: about 10,150
Hard words: attempt, avalanche, breathe, bury, camp, col, collapse, cornice, cornice, cornice, crucifix, distance, distance, equipment, exhausted, exhausted, frostbite, further, get used to, goddess, hardly, height, height, knee, load, melt, monastery, oxygen, planet, planet, prayer, pyramid, ridge, sea level, sea level, shiver, shiver, slide, slip, steep, slope, temperature, throat, tiny, tripod, view, waist, wool, yak



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