Raymond Chandler "The Long Goodbye"

Raymond Chandler "The Long Goodbye"

Raymond Chandler "The Long Goodbye"


Raymond Chandler

Terry Lennox is a drunk. Philip Marlowe, private detective, knows it's always a mistake to try to help drunks. But then, Marlowe is always on the side of losers. Perhaps that's why he decides to help Lennox get away when he's in trouble.

But then the body of Sylvia Lennox is found. Marlowe can't believe that Lennox killed his wife, but the police certainly do. Suddenly, wherever Marlowe goes, whatever he does, Terry Lennox's strange life seems to follow him around.

It will stay that way until Marlowe can find some answers. But to find answers, you have to know what the questions are...

Raymond Chandler is one of the greatest of all modern detective writers. He turned the tough American crime story into a kind of art. He was born in 1888 in Chicago, Illinois, but was brought up and educated in England. After fighting in France during the First World War, he returned to the United States and took a managerial job with an oil company. He rose to a high position in the organization until he was sacked in 1932, for not taking his job seriously. It was then that he decided to write for a living. By 1938 he had written sixteen stories.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 3,000. Total words: about 23,290
Hard words: annual, apparently, bloodstained, blunt, cheque, District Attorney, fare, fence, gestured, gunbelt, gunsmoke, interfere, kerb, patted, psychiatrist, sack, Senor, sheriff, sore, statement, steep, zip



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