Tim Vicary "Space"

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Tim Vicary "Space"

Tim Vicary "Space"


Tim Vicary

‘That’s one small step for a man,’ said the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, and he walked into history - one of the first two men to walk on the Moon. More than forty years later, people still remember this exciting moment.

But our adventures in space have not stopped. Wonderful pictures come to us from millions of kilometres across the universe, and scientists find new planets, new stars, and even new galaxies. We learn more and more about the past, and how the universe began. At the same time, our spacecraft and telescopes travel further and further into space. Will it be in our lifetime that people say, ‘I remember when the first astronauts landed on Mars’?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,000. Total words: about 9,500
Hard words: amazing, astronaut, astronomer, atmosphere, bacteria, breathe, canal, carbon dioxide, collapse, comet, crater, distance, dust, earthquake, electricity, enormous, erupt, explosion, fire, flame, float, form, frozen, fuel, further, galaxy, gas, giant, gravity, helium, huge, human, hydrogen, iron, melt, methane, middle-sized, nebula, nitrogen, nuclear, ocean, orbit, oxygen, planet, pressure, probe, protect, radar, ray, rise, rocket, sand, satellite, scientist, size, spacecraft, speed, spin, spiral, spot, submarine, sunspot, supernova, surface, telescope, temperature, tiny, total, universe, volcano, war


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