Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"

Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"

Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"


Anne Tyler

Macon Leary writes guidebooks for Americans who have to travel on business but wish they could stay home. The Accidental Tourist books tell them what to pack, what to wear, which hotels to stay in, which restaurants to eat at - everything that will make them feel they never left home.

Macon hates traveling himself. He likes regular routines and a sense of order in the world around him. He would always rather be at home, in his own house - even a house without his son Ethan, who is dead, and his wife Sarah, who has left him.

But things change, things happen... Macon goes to stay with his unmarried sister Rose and his two divorced brothers Charles and Porter. His dog Edward starts behaving badly, biting people and chasing them up trees. Muriel the dog trainer from the Meow-Bow Animal Hospital has to be sent for. Then Macon's wife Sarah wants a divorce, and Macon argues with Muriel about training Edward. And Julian, Macon’s boss, keeps asking when Macon will finish the next guidebook.

Macon is a kind man, though often puzzled by life’s complications. He wants to do the right thing, but doesn’t always know what it is. One day, in Paris, he finds out...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,800. Total words: about 23,110
Hard words: allergy, basement, bee, cluck, comfort, confetti, crutches, exhaust tube, faucet, Goddammit, groceries, growl, honey, howl, hug, injection, Jesus, joyful, lean, leash, limp, Martian, moan, nervous, panty, plaster, porch, praise, ridiculous, rug, rump, scared, screwdriver, sigh, sink, stroke, system, systematic, Thanksgiving, thrift shop, turkey, veterinary hospital, wearily



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