Anne Bronte "Agnes Grey"

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Anne Bronte "Agnes Grey"

Anne Bronte "Agnes Grey"


Anne Bronte

Anne Bronte was born on 17rh January 1820 and was the youngest of six children. The Brontes lived in Yorkshire, an area in the north of England. The family had little money and life was difficult. When she and her two sisters - Charlotte and Emily - grew up, they had to find work as governesses.

In 1846, Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte began writing novels. At this time, publishers did not often produce books by women. So when they wrote their books, the Brontes used men’s names and Anne Bronte chose to use the name Acton Bell. A novel by each of the Bronte sisters was published in 1847 - Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre, Emily wrote Wuthering Heights and Anne wrote Agnes Grey. These novels were extremely popular. Anne wrote only one other story, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, which was published in 1848.

The novel tell about when the Grey family lose a lot of money, Agnes, the youngest daughter decides to help. She will become a governess. But trying to teach and control other people’s children proves to be more difficult than expected. Her pupils are rude and badly behaved, and their parents are not much better.

Anne Bronte used many of her own experiences to write Agnes Grey. There are many similarities between the life stories of Agnes Grey and Anne Bronte. Their families, their jobs and their connection with the town of Scarborough are all examples.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,500 Total words: about 20,200
Hard words: governesses, pleasant, landowner, maid, fortune, survive, elegant, suggest, loss, upset, father, desperate, servant, capable, gently, persuade, warmed to, distant, tears, impressive, dining room, truth, handsome, cheek, roughly, shock, behaviour, manage, gentle, disappointment, excuse, rudely, wick, nonsense, hurt, ignored, nest, make face, yell, black look, comments, focus, strict, grabbed, earth, brat, Goodness, tell off, bush, change your mind, never mind, feel it is my duty, acceptable, alone, lonely, simply, certainly, manners, tomboy, effort, spacious, flirted, lord, broke ten thousand hearts, curate, Bible, sincere, offended, sermon, estate, thoughtful, coal, breath of fresh air, silly, different light, miss, accompany, pretend, bank, grateful, catch up, thoughtfully, miserable, bearable, take my word for it, felt very sorry for him, mood, pleasure, cheerful, chatted, begin, assumptions, propose, full of himself, change of heart, service, if only by chance, shot him through the heart, gave away, for his sake, footman, celebration, deep in thought, gone out of the way, gentleman, deer, old spinster, parish, presumptuous, flatter, tightly, make the most of life


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