R. D. Blackmore "Lorna Doone"

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R. D. Blackmore "Lorna Doone"

R. D. Blackmore "Lorna Doone"


R. D. Blackmore

This is a romantic adventure novel about a love story between farmer John and Lorna.

The Doones are hated and feared all over Exmoor. When they ride out from Doone valley to steal and rob from the local farms, no one can stop them. They are wild, strong men, and anyone who tries to fight them will soon be murdered. Like John Ridd’s father, shot down while riding home from market. And in these lawless days only the King’s soldiers can punish the Doones, but the King is far away in London and has troubles of his own.

As John grows up, he works hard on the farm and dreams of revenge for his father's death. But one day he meets Lorna Doone. She is the girl of his dreams - gentle, beautiful, loving - and John loses his heart to her.

But how can he marry a girl from the hated Doone family? And then there is Carver Doone, the most evil and dangerous of all the Doones, who plans to marry Lorna himself...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400. Total words: 16,850
Hard words: master, fashionable, shoot, argue, earl, surround, carry off, break into, violence, manage, revenge, calm somebody down, exhausted, fall in love with, have a good word for somebody, face, defeat, tell the truth, with one’s head in the clouds, dream of, rough, escape, alarm, signal, companion, amusing, keep away from, watch, shadow, belong to, keep in prison, for now, nest, sled, in sight, between us, unless, hay, rick, make sure, weapon, moor, inn, accident, point, house, aching, lady, learn about, save, now that, destroy, dying, without doubt, in the name of, captain, trail, Scottish, question, black, think of, noisily, care for, break one’s heart, give in, have enough of, burn, evil, lying, blackened, bog, murderous, win somebody


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