Dewey Gram "Gladiator"

Dewey Gram "Gladiator"



Dewey Gram

General Maximus, Commander of the Roman Army of the North, fights his last battle in the war against Germania. Then, he hopes to return to his farm and his family in Spain. But there are many serious problems in Rome and Emperor Marcus Aurelius knows he will soon die. Maximus realizes that he must perform another duty for the Emperor before he can go home. He knows it will not be easy, and he is right. Soon he is fighting for his life again, first as a prisoner, then a slave, and finally as a gladiator. One thought keeps Maximus alive: that he will finally meet and kill the man he hates most - the new Emperor, Commodus.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,500 Total words: about 20,500
Hard words: honoring, forcing, eyed, gladiator, freed, daydrea admiring, chariot, feverish, cheer lying, bravely, Moroccan, unbelievably, naming, marching, flaming, blindly, purposely, horseman, faraway, wasted



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