Phillip Burrow "Orca"

Phillip Burrow "Orca"

Phillip Burrow "Orca"


Phillip Burrow

‘Does the sea frighten you? Your boat is very small. Do you know your friends well? Are they good at sailing?’

Jack, his wife Tonya, and his friends Max and Sasha want to sail from England to Australia. They have a lot of money and they don’t want to work any more - they want an exciting life.

And it is exciting for them. And at first everything is easy. But an exciting life can also be a dangerous life. The sea is not always a friendly place - and when you need help, you need good friends and a lot of luck.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 250. Total words: about 1,840
Hard words: around, baby, beach, business, catch, cut, fish, frighten, hurt, kiss, letter, lifejacket, lucky, net, sail, shout, steer, strong, swim, wave, wind, world



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