Phillip Burrows, Mark Foster "Pirate Treasure"

Phillip Burrows, Mark Foster "Pirate Treasure"



 Phillip Burrows, Mark Foster

‘It is 1607. Tom Creek’s pirate boat, The Black Star, goes down in the sea. Tom Creek loses all his treasure. As the boat goes down he shouts, ‘This is my treasure and no other man’s. I curse this treasure - forever.’ Many years pass. Many men try to get the treasure. Many men die. It is 2009. There is a new expedition to the Black Star. The boat is called The Sardine. John West, his wife Mae, and their friends want to get the treasure. They are not afraid of Tom Creek’s curse. Some of them think there is no curse. Are they right or are they mad?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 250 Total words: about 890
Hard words: boat, broken, captain, curse, expedition, escape, expedition, fight, fish, forever, full, mad, rich, safe, swim, this is the life, treasure, trouble, world



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