John Wyndham "Meteor and Other Stories"

John Wyndham "Meteor and Other Stories"

John Wyndham "Meteor and Other Stories"


John Wyndham

When you think about the future, what do you think of? Do you think of computer technology, space rockets, creatures from other planets? Or travelling through time to the distant past or the far future? The possibilities are endless.

John Wyndham starts from the way we are now. He imagines a way in which life might be different in the future, and how people might think and behave in that changed world. He imagines what might happen if human beings were to meet another intelligent life form. What would be the result of such a meeting? What experiences, what ideas, what aims might we share with another life form?

Survival. Human beings, cats, insects, Martians, unknown creatures from outer space... We all have one thing in common - the urge to survive. Surviving slavery, starvation, terrible bodily injuries; surviving attack from a life form unimaginable on your own safe, familiar planet...

There are four stories in this book:


‘Dumb Martian’;


‘Body and Soul’.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,500. Total words: about 24,320
Hard words: airlock, ant, anti-slavery laws, bark, battery, bully, buzzing, chess, compartment, course, crew, dome, earth, electricity, evil, exclaim, explosive, fantasy, fire-tube, fuel, globe, gravity, head-over-heels, hissing, interest rate, lens, magnetic, meteor, monster, naked, orbit, outhouse, plain, planet, public address system, race, revolver, sergeant, space, sting, universe, victory



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