Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre"

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Charlotte Bronte "Jane Eyre"

Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre


Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre is alone in the world. Disliked by her aunts family, she is sent away to school. Here she learns that a young girl, with neither money nor family to support her, can expect little from the world. She survives, but she wants more from life than simply to survive: she wants respect, and love. When she goes to work for Mr Rochester, she hopes she has found both at once. But the sound of strange laughter, late at night, behind a locked door, warns her that her troubles are only beginning.


Text Analysis: Unique words: 1103 Total words: 8725
Hard words: lord, scribbled, gloomily, scornfully, offence, cleverness, humiliated, commissioned, constable, sympathetically, solicitor, withholding, confirmed, triumphantly, judgement, jukebox, lying, hurriedly, redundant, fright, bookcase, wasted, illustrator, suspiciously, dreamer, briskly, quarrel, revolver, cheerfully


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