Stephen Bryant "The beginning of the Internet"

Stephen Bryant "The beginning of the Internet"

Stephen Bryant "The beginning of the Internet"


Stephen Bryant

The Internet today is a product of millions of different computers; the history of the Internet shows how the work of many different people - scientists, engineers, soldiers, business people - can create something that none of them planned.

The Internet began in the US as a very small part of the struggle between the US and the Soviet Union in the Cold War. It then grew because people wanted to do new and different things with computers - to send messages, to work together, to find information, to discuss ideas, and to share music and pictures.

Now each year brings a new big idea that changes peoples lives. Google searches four billion web pages. On eBay you can buy or sell almost anything. YouTube lets anyone produce their own video show. Facebook and MySpace connect millions of people all over the world, providing places to chat, share interests and even get married. In the twenty-first century the Internet will change the lives of almost every person on the planet. This is story of how it began.


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