Mary Stewart "This Rough Magic"

Mary Stewart "This Rough Magic"

Mary Stewart "This Rough Magic"


Mary Stewart

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It is a place of sunshine, poetry, mystery. It is possibly the magic island that William Shakespeare was thinking of - the island where Prospero practises his ‘rough magic’, in the famous play The Tempest.

Corfu is also very close to the unfriendly coast of Albania, which, at the time of this story, was a ‘closed’ country with no communication or trade with the world outside. It was difficult to get into Albania, and even more difficult to get out. But the islanders of Corfu have always been adventurous people, and small boats could slip in and out at night without being seen.

Lucy Waring wants only to enjoy her holiday in the spring sunshine. She is not interested in mysteries and secret journeys by boat at night - until people begin to be hurt. Then she is too warm-hearted to stand aside, and soon learns that there is a dark side to the magic island where dolphins swim in the clear blue sea.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,800. Total words: about 22,060
Hard words: alcoholic, bay, boom, bush, cabin, communist, coward, deck, dolphin, dowry, dowry, dressing-grown, drift, drunk, Empress, flare, footstep, forfeit, forge, French window, gin, godfather, great-grandfather, magic, mainland, nervous breakdown, plaster, play, procession, propeller, purr, rail, rock, saint, shade, shark, slip, smuggle, stern, stowaway, swing, switch, surface, tame, tape, tempest, terrace, tight, tiller, trial, traitor, twins, value, villa


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