Lynda La Plante "Prime Suspect"

Lynda La Plante "Prime Suspect"

Lynda La Plante "Prime Suspect"


Lynda La Plante

When a young woman is found horribly murdered, Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison at last gets the chance she needs to prove herself. She must work fast to catch the murderer and stop him killing again. But she must also fight to win the respect of the men she commands.

And the men are hoping she’ll fail, every step of the way. She must make no mistakes. Then a second body is found...

Lynda La Plante’s crime stories and TV films have made her one of Britain’s most successful writers. Prime Suspect is the first of three stories about Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison. All the stories were very successful TV films.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,300. Total words: about 17,580
Hard words: investigate, prostitute, DNA, case, arrest, evidence, charge, fingerprints, identify, accuse, release, cheerfully, video, record, ashtrays, relationship, badge, beautician, chains


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