"Great Speeches"

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"Great Speeches"

"Great Speeches"



This book is a collection of the most interesting and inspiring speeches of many famous people, politicians and leaders. You need to read these speeches in order to understand the history better. They reflect the main problems of each era and provide a clear understanding of how society developed. Thanks to the speakers from this book, many countries have chosen new paths of development.

This book consist of the speeches: ‘I Have a Dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr., ‘First Inaugural Address’ and ‘Second Inaugural Address’ by Abraham Lincoln, ‘Non-cooperation with Non-violence’ by Mohandas Karamcband Gandhi, ‘First Inaugural Address’ by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and ‘Inaugural Address’ by John F. Kennedy.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400. Total words: 10,240
Hard words: demonstration, freedom, score, symbolic, momentous, decree, beacon, Negro, sear, withering, injustice, joyous, daybreak, captivity, cripple, manacle, segregation, discrimination, poverty, in the midst of, prosperity, languish, exile, dramatize, shameful, architect, magnificent, promissory note, fall heir to, guarantee, unalienable, pursuit, default, insofar as, honor, sacred, obligation, bad check, insufficient, fund, bankrupt, vault, security, hallowed, remind, fierce, urgency, luxury, tranquilizing drug, gradualism, democracy, desolate, racial, quicksand, brotherhood, fatal, overlook, sweltering, legitimate, discontent, invigorating, blow off, rude awakening, tranquility, grant, whirlwind, revolt, foundation, emerge, threshold, guilty, seek to, thirst, bitterness, hatred, dignity, protest, degenerate, violence, majestic, marvelous, militancy, engulf, presence, destiny, inextricably, bind, pledge, devotee, victim, brutality, fatigue, lodging, mobility, ghetto, strip, selfhood, state, vote, roll down, righteousness, mighty, unmindful, trial, tribulation, cell, batter, persecution, stagger, veteran, unearned, redemptive, slum, wallow, creed, self-evident, oppression, transform, oasis, content, character, vicious, racist, governor, drip, interposition, nullification, exalt, plain, crooked, reveal, flesh, hew, jangle, discord, symphony, thee, Pilgrim, mountainside, prodigious, heightening, snow-capped, curvaceous, slope, molehill, hamlet, Gentile, spiritual, almighty, briefly, in one's presence, oath, prescribe, the Constitution, execution, administration, apprehension, accession, endangered, ample, to the contrary, all the while, inspection, quote, declare, interfere with, institution, inclination, nominate, elect, recant, platform, acceptance, emphatic, resolution, maintenance, inviolate, domestic, exclusively, endurance, fabric, denounce, invasion, armed force, Territory, pretext, , crime, reiterate, sentiment, conclusive, susceptible, in any wise, controversy, deliver up, fugitive, clause, provision, in consequence of, regulation, discharge, be due to, reclaim, intention, Congress, swear, proposition, term, unanimous, in good temper, frame, opinion, enforce, authority, material, surrender, consequence, unsubstantial, safeguard, civilized, humane, jurisprudence, be entitled to, privileged, immunity, mental, reservation, construe, hypercritical, specify, act, conform to, abide by, unrepealed, violate, impunity, unconstitutional, distinguished, in succession, administer, executive, peril, scope, precedent, enter upon, disruption, menace, formidably, in contemplation of, perpetual, imply, assert, organic, termination, association, contract, unmake, rescind, descend from, principle, confirm, mature, plight, engage, ordain, vital, view, mere, motion, ordinance, void, insurrectionary, revolutionary, circumstance, to the extent of, enjoin, deem to, practicable, rightful, withhold, requisite, bloodshed, confide to, possess, property, duty, impost, hostility, interior, locality, competent, resident, obnoxious, strict, enforce, exercise, irritating, impracticable, withal, forego, mail, repel, furnish, security, favorable, reflection, course, indicate, current, modification, exigency, discretion, with a view of, restoration, fraternal, sympathy, affection, pretext, affirm, deny, grave, benefit, ascertain, precisely, hazard, desperate, ill, risk, commission, profess, plainly, audacity, instance, majority, deprive, minority, moral, justify, affirmation, negation, prohibition, concerning, applicable to, foresight, anticipate, spring, acquiesce, cease, alternative, secede, confederacy, arbitrarily, cherish, disunion, identity, compose, secession, anarchy, restraint, limitation, deliberate, sovereign, reject, despotism, inadmissible, Supreme Court, bind upon, suit, consideration, parallel, erroneous, overrule, candid, confess, irrevocably, fix, instant, litigation, resign, eminent, tribunal, assault, shrink, extend, substantial, dispute, suppression, imperfectly, obligation, break, separation, ultimately, revive, restriction, partially, respective, impassable, intercourse, amicable, hostile, advantageous, satisfactory, alien, treaty, identical, inhabit, weary, amend, dismember, overthrow, ignorant, patriotic, desirous, recommendation, recognize, favor, oppose, afford, venture, convention, preferable, originate with, permit, misconstruction, depart from, objection, irrevocable, he chief magistrate, derive, confer, executive, transmit, unimpaired, successor, confidence, eternal, prevail, public servant, mischief, wisdom, interval, retain, virtue, vigilance, wickedness, folly, valuable, in hot haste, take a step, frustrate, dissatisfied, sensitive, precipitate, intelligence, reliance, forsake, assail, conflict, aggressor, loathe, strain, mystic, stretch, hearthstone, swell, statement, in detail, fitting, expiration, constantly, phase, engross, prediction, in regard to, corresponding, impending, avert, insurgent, agent, dissolve, negotiation, deprecate, perish, population, distribute, localize, perpetuate, rend, enlargement, magnitude, duration, attain, astounding, invoke, assistance, wring, sweat, woe, offence, providence, appointed, remove, discern, departure from, attribute, ascribe to, fervently, scourge, bondman, unrequited, lash, malice, strive to, religious, doctrine, inherent, British Empire, rebellion, historical, constitutionality, term, namely, wrest, end, serve, adopt, weapon, unarmed, , breast, bare, learned, worthy, chairman, title, withdraw, aided, lawyer, the arm of the law, debase, tender, resignation, traduce, agriculturist, tax, weaken, submit, magnificent, crawl, on one’s belly, pocket, insult, Mohammedan, still, unjust, tread, descendant, defender, noble, tradition, generation, anti-untruth, anti-humbug, spell, implacable, self-respect, unwilling, Shastras, deference, preceptor, contradiction, rob of, consecration, induction, Presidency, candor, impel, preeminently, frankly, boldly, endure, assert, nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, paralyze, convert, retreat, advance, vigor, convinced, critical, curtailment, income, exchange, current, withered, enterprise, saving, unemployed, grim, toil, optimist, distress, substance, strike, plague, locust, forefather, bounty, multiply, generous, primarily, stubbornness, abdicate, unscrupulous, indict, cast, outworn, credit, strip, lure, profit, induce, resort, exhortation, plead, self-seeker, flee, temple, measure, apply, thrill, stimulation, chase, evanescent, destiny, minister, falsity, abandonment, conduct, trust, likeness, callous, wrongdoing, thrive, ethics, accomplish, recruit, emergency, stimulate, reorganize, overbalance, scale, redistribution, endeavor, definite, purchase, output, realistically, tragedy, foreclosure, insistence, forthwith, drastically, reduce, unify, relief activity, scattered, uneconomical, supervision, utility, resumption, investment, speculation, provision, adequate, currency, line, session, fulfillment, outgo, vastly, secondary, spare no effort, readjustment, recovery, nationalistic, interdependence, manifestation, pioneer, dedicate, resolutely, sanctity, loyal, aim at, hitherto, evoke, strife, unhesitatingly, feasible, inherit, ancestor, emphasis, superbly, mechanism, expansion, legislative, unprecedented, undelayed, temporary, evade, confront, crisis, wage, foe, repose, befit, arduous, consciousness, stern, assurance, rounded, distrust, register, mandate, humbly, observe, celebration, signify, renewal, forebear, mortal, abolish, at issue, torch, temper, heritage, witness, undoing, committed, bear, burden, hardship, oppose, ally, origin, loyalty, faithful, a host of, cooperative, venture, at odds, split, asunder, colonial, pass away, replace, iron, tyranny, hut, bond, mass, misery, communist, vote, border, convert, alliance, cast off, prey, aggression, subversion, hemisphere, intend, assembly, outpace, forum, invective, shield, writ, adversary, anew, unleash, accidental, tempt, beyond doubt, overburden, alarm, steady, atom, alter, uncertain, stay, sincerity, explore, belabor, formulate, inspection, absolute, invoke, eradicate, tap, depth, commerce, heed, command, undo, beachhead, suspicion, preserve, planet, summon, testimony, surround, embattled, twilight, rejoice, forge, fruitful, grant, light, glow, conscience, reward


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