Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit"

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Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit"

Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit"


Charles Dickens

Arthur Clennam is back in England after many years abroad. He finds his mother as cold and hard as ever, but his father's recent death has thrown up a mystery, and he is determined to get to the bottom of it. Could it have anything to do with Little Dorrit, the quiet, kind girl who sews for his mother and goes back at night to her home in the Marshalsea prison? As Arthur gets to know the Dorrit family, he is too busy looking for the truth about his mother’s secret to notice that he has perhaps found the answer to his own happiness...

'Little Dorrit' is a novel by the English writer Charles Dickens. Dickens was a master in therealism style. When you read his novels, you believe the characters, empathize with their fates, as if these are real stories of friends or relatives. 'Little Dorrit' is no exception. This story is about the difficult life of the Dorrit family. The father of the family goes to a debtors' prison forever. His youngest daughter is born there. It seems that such life will definitely embitter the girl and teach her to survive without a sense of shame and honor. But she is an example of kindness and humility. No matter how difficult her life is, she always tries to help her family and support those who are in need. And one day a person appears in her life. This person wants to help her and her whole family...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,800. Total words: about 25,360
Hard words: admire, admiringly, admirer, apron, astonished, astonishment, candle, cap, cloak, coach, comfort, creditor, debt, debtor, department, deserve, dignity, faint, gallery, gentlemen, gentlemanly, gondola, gondolier, gown, heir, honour, honourable, inherit, insult, jailer, nod, partner, patron, penknife, poverty, pride, puff, quarantine, release, respect, respectful, reward, riches, shabby, sigh, smart, smarten up, spike, strike, tortoiseshell, trust, will, wipe, yard


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