Buchi Emecheta "The Bride Price"

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Buchi Emecheta "The Bride Price"

Buchi Emecheta "The Bride Price"


Buchi Emecheta

When her father dies, Aku-nna and her young brother have no one to look after them. They are welcomed by their uncle because of Aku-nna's ‘bride price’ - the money that her future husband will pay for her.

In her new, strange home one man is kind to her and teaches her to become a woman. Soon they are in love, although everyone says he is not a suitable husband for her. I he more the world tries to separate them, the more they are drawn together - until, finally, something has to break.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,800. Total words: about 19,610
Hard words: aja, birth, cassava, childbirth, christen, Christian, come to no good, comfort, degree, doll, funeral, gong, gourd, gradually, graveyard, houseboy, hut, inherit, ink, join in, joy, kidnap, longingly, Ma, marry somebody off, mattress, medicine man, mourn, native, nut, Obi, ogbanje, operation, powerful, respect, scholarship, shame, shilling, short, slave, sociology, spirit, stove, strength, suspicious, swell, swollen, tablet, thought, tight, tradition, veranda, virgin, waste, yam


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