Walter Scott "Ivanhoe"

Walter Scott "Ivanhoe"

Walter Scott "Ivanhoe"


Walter Scott

This book contains an adapted and abridged text of Walter Scott's classic novel ‘Ivanhoe’ (1819). The action takes place in Medieval England, in the time of Richard the Lionheart and Robin Hood.

Medieval England. King Richard the Lionheart was returning home from the Crusades when he was captured in Austria. His brother John has already captured the throne and refuses to pay the ransom for Richard. Meanwhile, the conflict between the Saxons and the Normans threatens to escalate into a civil war.

Ivanhoe, the son of Cedric, returns from a crusade to take his inheritance and marry Rowena, who is niece of Cedric. However Cedric want to marry the girl to the last man of the Saxon royal family.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,000 Total words: about 32,030
Hard words: a born slave, Abbey, accused, accustomed, aim, ale, ancestor, archer, armour, ascetic, astonishment, axe, banish, barbican, bend, beware, blessing, blow, bow, brass, chain, challenge, champion, cloak, confession, courage, courtesy, courtyard, crossbow, crusader, cure, delusion, descent, despise, devotion to Mother Church, dignity, disinherit, distress, doubtless, drawbridge, duty, dungeon, enable, entrance, exclaim, fair, forester, franklin, fury, gallop, generation, generous, glade, glance, graceful, gratitude, Grand Master, hag, hasty, heiress, helmet, hermit, holy, Holy Sepulchre, hood, hospitality, host, horn, hut, impatient, irritation, jester, knave, Knights Templars, lists, , litter, lance, maiden, mansion, marsh, master, mercenary, miracle, moat, mount, mourning, mule, mutter, necklace, nightmare, noon, noble, Norman, oak, obey, offend, order, palmer, part, Pax vobiscum, pea, pearl, piercing, pity, point, prayer, Preceptory, Preceptor, Prior, quarrel, relative, reverend, reward, robber, rush, saint, Saracen, savage, scroll, senseless, sentence, slave, sorcery, Sovereign, spectator, spell, squire, staff, stirrup, stool, stranger, subject, surrender, swineherd, Templar, thunderbolt, trial, tomb, torch, torture, tournament, turban, usurer, veil, victim, victor, villain, ward, wealth, will, worthy, wound, yeoman


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