Sue Leather "Desert, Mountain, Sea"

Sue Leather "Desert, Mountain, Sea"

Sue Leather "Desert, Mountain, Sea"


Sue Leather

Why did these three women choose to make such dangerous journeys? They went to very different places - a place of fire, a place of snow, a place of water - and each of them knew that her journey would be difficult. Did they choose these journeys because they were difficult? Each of them knew that she might die. Does that sound like fun - or madness?

Robyn Davidson set out from Alice Springs, Australia, to walk 2,800 kilometres across the desert. Arlene Blum set out from Kathmandu, Nepal, to climb one of the highest mountains in the world. And Naomi James set out from Dartmouth, England, to sail single-handed around the world.

Why did they do it? Perhaps no traveller really knows the answer to that question. Or perhaps the best answer is the one given by George Mallory, a famous British mountaineer. In 1923 a reporter from the New York Times asked him why he wanted to climb Mount Qomolangma in the Himalayas, and Mallory answered, ‘Because it’s there.’


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400. Total words: about 15,610
Hard words: supply, aborigine, offer, saddle, intelligent, extremely, camel, miserable, mean, injection, regular, destroy, bull, violent, disappear, thirsty, compass, rifle, scorpion, fortunately, vegetable, enthusiastic, trachoma, companion, delighted, muzzle, poison, dingo, strychnine, escape, mountaineer, expedition, physical, Sherpa, rope, glacier, summit, mental, avalanche, monsoon, establish, crevasse, drop, exhausted, oxygen, mistaken, port, harbor, yacht, extraordinary, salon, seasick, deck, deckhand, triangle, spirit, sponsor, navigator, label, rudder, extract, sunstroke, equator, hull, stern, capsize, mast, oilskins



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