Ian Serraillier "The Silver Sword"

Ian Serraillier "The Silver Sword"

Ian Serraillier "The Silver Sword"


Ian Serraillier

This is a story about a family in Poland during the Second World War. The father and the mother are taken away to prison camps, and their house, is blown up. Their three children, Ruth, Edek, and Bronia, are left alone and homeless among the ruins of bombed Warsaw.

Soon they join up with another boy, Jan, .who has become a clever thief, able to steal food from all kinds of places. They live every day in danger of death by shooting, or from the cold, or from hunger. When the war ends, they leave Poland and begin to walk south to Switzerland, hoping to find their parents there. It is a long, hard journey.

But Jan carries with him all the time the silver sword, which the children’s father had given him three years before. Jan knows he must never lose it, because the sword brings them luck...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,200. Total words: about 14,430
Hard words: attic, camp, cart, cellar, cough, Council, court-room, elastic, faint, grow up, look after, nail, Nazis, rapids, refugee, ruin, ruined, silly, zone



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