Mark Twain "The Million Pound Bank Note"

Mark Twain "The Million Pound Bank Note"



Mark Twain

Have you ever made a bet – a big bet? In the 1850s, a young American finds himself in London by chance. He is penniless, and yet he leads the luxurious life of a millionaire. How can he do this? It’s all thanks to a bizarre bet made by two eccentric gentlemen.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400 Total words: about 4,150
Hard words: promising, sailboat, brig, on board, stormy, desperate, servant, stared, bet, argued, transaction, starve to death, stole, poor enough, hurt, subject of a joke, fainted, worth, speechless, simply, apologized, hurried, Continent, awful, on time, in a fog, signature, asylum, bill, tailor, useless, unattractive, nodded, change, trouble, package, millionaire, elegant, measure, a while, customer, luxuries, ambassador, come out, credit, duke, duchess, earl, countess, viscount, paper, celebrity, steak, share, precedence, sardines, strawberry, cribbage, debt, marvelous, scared, shook hand, guarantee, share, surprise, certificate, deposit, astonishing, forgive, lap, amazed, stepfather, take back, son-in-law, cash, banknote, frame, valuable


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