Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist"

Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist"



Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist is Charles Dickens's second novel. It was first published as a book by Richard Bentley in 1838. It tells the story of an orphan boy and his adventures among London's slums. Oliver is captured by, and forced to work among, pickpockets and thieves until redeemed by a gentleman who has taken an interest in him. Characters include Fagin, Nancy, Bill Sykes, and the Artful Dodger. The book is one of the earliest examples of the social novel. It draws the reader's attention to evils such as child labour, the recruitment of children as criminals, and the presence of street children.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400 Total words: 11,340
Hard words: sigh, matron, parish workhouse, orphan, no name no wedding ring, locket, beadle, gruel, desperate, shriek, handed, apprentice, bagged, whistled, sack, silk handkerchief, grabbed, wallet, square, call a cab, housekeeper, villain, dragged, growling, wicked, lantern, shadow, badly planned, blamed, respected, harm, behaving, bundle, Hell’s fire, violent, drown, scarf, separated, expecting a child, inherited, destroyed, howl, noose, condemned cell



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