Anna Sewell "Black Beauty"

Anna Sewell "Black Beauty"



Anna Sewell

Describes his pleasant home and his kind owners. ‘Freedom! For the first four years of my life I had a large field where I could gallop around at full speed - with no straps, no bit, and no blinkers. Now I stood in a stable, night and day, except when I was wanted for work.’ In the 1870s there was plenty of work for horses - pulling carriages and cabs and carts through crowded cities, along country roads, in all kinds of weather. Black Beauty has been well trained. He knows that he must never bite or kick or run away, and must always do what he is told, however tired or hungry he feels. He always behaves well, but when he is sold, first to one owner, then another, and another, he learns how hard a horse’s life can be, and how stupid and how cruel some people are ...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,400 Total words: 15,400
Hard words: cab, cough, dealer, drunk, feed, gallop, groom, harness, hay, hunt, look after, mare, master, mistress, neigh, oats, pat, pleasant, race, ruin, strength, temper, tight, treat, trot



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