Anne Collins "British Life"

Anne Collins "British Life"

Anne Collins "British Life"


Anne Collins

Most books about Britain give information for tourists. Visitors can learn about good hotels, nice restaurants, famous places and beautiful buildings. This book is about British life.

Who are the British? Are they the same as the English? And how is the UK different from Britain? Britain is not an easy nation to understand. To visitors, British life is sometimes very strange. Why, for example, do people talk about the weather so much?

Many things are changing in Britain, and one of them is family life. People’s views on marriage and the family are very different from the views of their parents and grandparents. Business is also changing fast.

Another subject in this book is British food. Visitors to Britain don’t always like British cooking. But why does British food have a bad name?

This book will tell you about ordinary British people. What do they like doing at weekends? What are their favourite television programmes? How important are sport and the National Lottery? What is the most popular pet? What is Crufts? What is a DIY centre? Read and find out!


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1200. Total words: about 6,250
Hard words: average, character, divorce, isle, royal, tradition, couple, financial, increase, insurance, service industry, step-family, chat, cricket, flour, lottery, nursing-home, pudding, rat, scone



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