Bernard Smith "The Ring"

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Bernard Smith "The Ring"

Bernard Smith "The Ring"


Bernard Smith

Rafael is a poor, crazy man who lives in an old boat-house on the beach in a small fishing village. What happened to him all those years ago? One day Rafael was well; the next day he was completely mad.

  The writer is a doctor. He tries to find out what happened to Rafael. What made him mad? What happened to the beautiful Anita, the girl that he loved? What happened to the soldier, the stranger who came to the village? The people of the village all try to help. They tell the doctor everything they know. Only Rafael knows what really happened that night but Rafael is mad...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,200 Total words: about 14,810
Hard words: push, hurrying, attack, sung, parents, liked, answer, grey, moved, bringing, cleaned, anchored, carried, worst, work, unloading, unloaded, picked, kept, stole, described, shouted, held, realize, pulling, putting, stealing, worse, understood, taught, anchor, engine shore shark fisherman, love, gold, ring, soldier, spear, donkey, goldsmith, boat, poor, magic, truth, rich, businessman, ambulance, tuberculosis, rocks, stories, village, paraffin


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