Charles Randolph "The Interpreter"

Charles Randolph "The Interpreter"



Charles Randolph

Silvia Broome is an interpreter at the United Nations. One night she hears a plan to kill the President of the African state of Matobo. Agent Tobin Keller of the US Secret Service must stop the killers. But is Silvia telling the truth? Is she hiding something from him? Is she more dangerous than the President's other enemies?


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,200 Total words: about 13,750
Hard words: interpreted, coastguard, interpreting, jowly, unshaven, unmoving, stoplight, washcloth, goodnight, repeating, lying, madman, restroom, urgently, cameraman, portuguese, protector, arabic, peacefully, token, aged, luckily, newborn, climbing, answering, waitress, passport



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