Alison Baxter "The USA"

Alison Baxter "The USA"



Alison Baxter

What does America mean to you? Skyscrapers, President Kennedy, fast food, big cars, cowboys and Indians? But what about the mountains, the deserts and the vast lakes? And what exactly is an American? From the time before Columbus up to the present day, this book looks at the history of the USA and the many different people who live there.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,000 Total words: about 6,600
Hard words: allow, celebrate, civil rights, civil war, colony, crops, department, earthquake, elect, equal, freedom, gambling, government, hunt, immigrant, independence, independent, judge, law, lead, leader, pilgrim, prejudice, religion, represent, retire, right, separate, slave, state, tax, united, vote, war



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