Fiona Beddall "A History of Britain"

Fiona Beddall "A History of Britain"



Fiona Beddall

This book tells Britain’s story, from its days as part of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. It describes the different groups of people who have lived there. It shows how the four countries of the United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - came together as one state. And it explains the birth of Parliament and the battles for power between kings, religious groups and ordinary people. It also tells the stories of some of the great, and not-so-great, men and women who shaped the British nation. In these pages, you will find out how Henry VIII's love life brought a new religion to the people of England. You will meet Oliver Cromwell. He destroyed a king’s power and then ruled England in his place. And you will learn about some of Britain’s great queens. Boudica was a dangerous enemy to the Romans. Elizabeth I was a strong ruler who made England one of the most powerful countries in Europe. Victoria was Empress of India and Queen of Britain's lands around the world. You will also find out about the ordinary men and women of British history. Some of them left Britain and built new lives across the seas in America. Australia and New Zealand. Others stayed in Britain, but life changed for them too. This book explains how Britain's past formed Britain today.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,000 Total words: 7,800
Hard words: army, battle, century, conquer, control, defeat, demonstration, empire, emperor, empress, independence, invade, lord, monastery, poverty, power, priest, revolution, rule, tax, trade, violence, queen, pacific, Bengal, scots, saxon, anglo, norman, welsh, protector, townspeople, farmland, railway


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