H. G. Wells "Island of Dr Moreau"

H. G. Wells "Island of Dr Moreau"



H. G. Wells

Edward Prendick is travelling in the South Pacific when his ship goes down. He is saved after many days at sea by another ship; a passenger, Montgomery, nurses him back to health. Prendick becomes interested in the mystery of Montgomery’s life. Why does he live on an unknown Pacific island? Who is his ugly assistant, with eyes that shine red in the dark? And why does he have a puma and other animals on board? When the captain throws Prendick off the ship near Montgomery’s island, he meets Montgomery’s master, Doctor Moreau, a famous scientist with dark secrets. And he meets others oil the island too - strange animal-like people who live in fear of Moreau, his laws and his House of Pain.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,100 Total words: 12,500
Hard words: ape, bear, biology, board, cage, captain, container, damn, drunk, experiment, growl, laboratory, lamp, leopard, master, monster, puma, rabbit, rule, whisky



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