Morton Rhue "The Wave"

Morton Rhue "The Wave"

Morton Rhue "The Wave"


Morton Rhue

The Wave started in Mr Ross’s history lesson. Now everybody in the school knows about it. Most students love the Wave. Ben Ross loves it too. But Ben’s wife, Christy, does not like it. She thinks it is dangerous.

Laurie Saunders is one of Mr Ross’s students. She liked the Wave when it started. But now she sees things she does not like. And some students do not want to be in the Wave - what about them?

Can Laurie make the other students see what is happening? The Wave is always moving - can anybody stop it?

The things in ‘The Wave’ really happened in America - in a school in Palo Alto, California. Palo Alto is about fifty kilometres south of San Francisco. In 1969 a history teacher called Ron Jones started the Wave in one of his lessons. He wanted to teach his students about the Nazis in World War II. He wanted them to understand what happened to people in Germany at that time. But something strange happened to his students! Later he said: ‘The Wave’ was the most frightening thing I ever saw in a school. For three years after it, no one talked about it.’

Ron Jones later wrote a short story about the Wave. There was also a one-hour television film. Morton Rhue wrote his book called ‘The Wave’ in 1981.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 600. Total words: about 6,630
Hard words: football, team, member, rule leader, discipline, believe, lead, need, wave, card, experiment, history, salute, strange, surprised, Nazis, rally, principal, newspaper



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