Tim Vicary "Death in the Freezer"

Tim Vicary "Death in the Freezer"

Tim Vicary "Death in the Freezer"


Tim Vicary

How exciting to have a new baby in a family! A brother or a sister to play with, someone to tell secrets to, someone to be a friend for all your life. But Ellen Shore is not happy when her brother A1 is born, because her parents think that a son is more important than a daughter. Ellen has food to eat, of course, and new clothes, and dolls to play with - but nobody is interested in her. So Ellen begins to hate her baby brother.

And when she is an adult, she goes on hating him. She has three young kids, no husband, and very little money. But A1 is rich. He is a famous rock star now, with lots of expensive cars, a beautiful big house, and a life of parties and travel. Ellen cleans his house, cooks for his parties, even steals drugs for him from the hospital where she works. And A1 gives her nothing.

So Ellen begins to make secret plans for her brother. But A1 has some very strange friends, who also have plans for him...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 700 Total words: about 6,200
Hard words: AIDS, alarm, apartment, bacteria, card, care, clean, company, crazy, cure, doll, dream, drugs, drunk, electricity, fingerprint, flashlight, freezer, freeze, frozen, gas, guilty, hate, healthy, heart attack, ice, idea, kids, low court, lawyer, look after, maybe, medicine, motorbike, record, rock band, safe, save, science, shut up, sick, swimming pool, switch, syringe, tennis court, tour, training, trial, trust, view, whisky



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