M. R. James "Dead Men's Eyes"

M. R. James "Dead Men's Eyes"

Montague Rhodes James "Dead Men's Eyes"


M. R. James

In the story, Dead Men’s Eyes, Mr Fanshawe hopes for a quiet holiday with his friend, Mr Richards. But strange things happen when he looks through binoculars at the old buildings and beautiful country near Mr Richards’ home. Why can he see a tower on a hill when it isn’t there? Why can he see a gallows when that isn’t there?

Don’t read the story before you go to sleep!

Montague Rhodes James was born in 1862, in the south of England. Later, he studied at Cambridge University, and from 1905 he was the head of King’s College, Cambridge. M. R. James enjoyed ghost stories and detective stories. He read many of his stories to his friends at Cambridge, at Christmas. He died in 1936.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 600 Total words: about 4,870
Hard words: binoculars, blow, bone, dream, gallows, ghost, grave, hill, mask, pot, servant, smell, stone, tower


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