Harry Gilbert "The Year of Sharing"

Harry Gilbert "The Year of Sharing"



Harry Gilbert

What will the world be like five hundred years from now? Will cities become bigger and bigger, with more buildings, more cars, more factories, more noise and smoke and dirt? Will there be any green forests left, where animals can live and die in freedom? Richard’s future world is very different from this. There are no cars, only bicycles. There are no cities, only villages. And the forests of the world are only for the wild animals that have always lived there. Everyone in the world must do their Year of Sharing when they are twelve years old, and by tomorrow morning Richard will be somewhere deep in the forest. He will have a new family - a family of wild animals, and he will live with them for one year. He will be cold and hungry and tired, but he will learn - learn to share the world with other animals. It is a hard lesson to learn, and there are many dangers waiting in the forest ...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 700 Total words: about 6,000
Hard words: antlers, catapult, climb, deer, feelings, forest, howl, keep, like, let, make sure, miss, record, recorder, rock, root, save, share, sharing, sharp, skin, spear, straight, throw, weapon, wolf



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