Kelly Reinhart "The True Story of Pocahontas"

Kelly Reinhart "The True Story of Pocahontas"



Kelly Reinhart

"Pocahontas" is the touching story of an Indian princess, whose courage saved a white man’s life. No one could have imagined that Pocahontas would be the first Indian to marry a white man!


Text Analysis: Unique words: 500 Total words: about 2500
Hard words: favorite, buckskin dress, moccasins, feather, paddled, medicine men, tribe advisers, thunderstick, establish, settlement, hut, storehouse, plant corps, capture, sign language, compass, needle, pick up, enormous, origins, courageous, scimitar, coat of arms, title, intelligent, tobacco, plantations, picked, basket, gunpowder, explosion, marts, sunset, tricked, cooper kettle, payment, manners, custom, Bering Strait, cultivated, tepees, decorated, wigwam, pueblo, totem poles, spear, tomahawk, reservation, embraced, festivities, wedding meal, traffic, mourned, heartbroken, descendants, costume



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