Allan Frewin Jones "The Phantom Airman"

Allan Frewin Jones "The Phantom Airman"



Allan Frewin Jones

Lychford Green is an old RAF airbase. It hasn't been used in years, but somehow it still bears the traces of the horrors which took place there 50 years previous. When Regan, Tom, Jack and Frankie investigate the empty airfield for a school project, they find that it echoes with its untold story.


Text Analysis: Unique words: 468 Total words: 6145
Hard words: airbase, airfield, airman, archeology, auxiliary, bathrobe, bimbo, bookcase, cola, digger, doorbell, evacuee, fade, jack, moustache, lid, tin, phantom, roaring, spade, spitfire, stored, thud, unfasten, unlucky, wickedness, wreck


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