Sally M. Stockton "Zorro"

Sally M. Stockton "Zorro"



Sally M. Stockton

Read about the daring adventures of Zorro, the legendary masked hero of Spanish California. He is a champion of justice and an expert with the sword. He is invincible as he defies corrupt politicians and defends the oppressed.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 580 Total words: about 3700
Hard words: presidio, friar, senorita, patio, senor, sombrero, sword, hacienda, military, tavern, sergeant, bandit, terror, natives, Governor, reward, capture, Don, scared, champion, mysterious, violence, beat, idiot, pistol, courageous, slap, boring, obey, permission, exclaims, prefer, opportunity, whisper, corrupt, admire, arrest, enemy, injure, shoulder, court, generous, immediately, passion, adventure, lifeless, superior, villain, insult, embrace, furious, traitors, magistrate, chain, thief, whip, romantic, guitar, ridiculous, meditate, avengers, dishonest, principles, justice, escape, rescue, innocent, destination, accuses, liar, shoot, pardon, cheers, take off



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