Jennifer Bassett "One-way Ticket"

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Jennifer Bassett "One-way Ticket"



Jennifer Bassett

A train is a closed world. Each carriage is like a small room, with windows and doors, but you can't get out when the train is moving. The world outside is far away, and you can forget your home, your work, your friends. On a train you sit with strangers. You don't know anything about them, but you sit next to them for hours, or perhaps days, in the same small room. You can't get away from them. As the wheels of the train turn, these stories show us three different people. A beautiful young wife – going on holiday with her new husband, through the green hills of England. A carefree young man – travelling across the mountains of Yugoslavia, looking for work. A sensible middle-aged man - travelling north through the forests and lakes of Finland, hoping for a quiet journey. Three different journeys, three different people – all locked in the closed world of the train ... where anything can happen.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 400 Total words: 5,460
Hard words: blood, boat, bored, boring, bright, bus, buy, carriage, clean, clothes, corridor, damn, diamond, fall, floor, fruit, ghost, great, guard, guy, Hi, holiday, hurry, job, jump, kind, lake, life, loud, meal, necklace, newspaper, page, pick up, platform, police, poor, prison, restaurant, seat, shout, sir, stare, station, sweet, terrible, unhappy, vodka, voice, whisper, yeah


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