Tim Vicary "Mary, Queen of Scots"

Tim Vicary "Mary, Queen of Scots"

Mary, Queen of Scots


Tim Vicary

England and Scotland in the 1500s. Two famous queens – Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I, the Protestant Queen of England. It was an exciting and a dangerous time to be alive, and to be a queen. Mary was Queen of Scotland when she was one week old. At sixteen, she was also Queen of France. She was tall and beautiful, with red-gold hair. Many men loved her and died for her. But she also had many enemies – men who said: ‘The death of Mary is the life of Elizabeth.’


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 400 Total words: 6050
Hard words:lady, queen, castle, come along, hate, husband, dead, quietly, king, remember, angry, lie, slowly, tired, kill, wrote, believe, baby, happy, unhappy, meet, be pleased to, church, shout, Protestant, difficult, rule, look for, dance, because of, expensive, friendly, cousin, half-brother, be interested in, sang, strong, talk about, wrong, drank, inside, hungry, stood, wicked, run, scream, stupid, nice, blood, poor, went, forget, run away, stairs, rode, dark, slept, army, outside, at last, fighter, saw, enemy, wedding, downstairs, quickly, dirty, sudden, news, killer, sold, horrible, excited, divorce, pregnant, nearly, prisoner, lost, forgive, wait for, pray, dress, petticoat, veil, executioner, take off, axe


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