Ruth Hobart "Aladdin"

Ruth Hobart "Aladdin"



 Ruth Hobart

A magician tricks Aladdin, but when Aladdin rubs an old lamp a genie comes out, and life is never the same again, for him or his mum! Despite the magician’s plots, Aladdin manages to keep the magic lamp… and the beautiful princess!


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 200 Total words: about 1200
Hard words: magican, genie, afraid, married, emperor, lamp, bread, fruit, garden, whoosh, genie, potion, magician, emperor, jewel, deliciou bras palace, lamp, hurry, cave, magic, lovely, basket, orange, asleep, rub, dirty, journey, command, juice, desert, shout, sad, bread, sir, forever



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