O. Henry "The Ransom of Red Chief"

O. Henry "The Ransom of Red Chief"



 O. Henry

It is about one hundred years ago in America. Bill and Sam are in the town of Summit, but they are not having a nice day. They don’t have much money - what can they do? Then Sam has an idea - kidnap! They hear about a rich family, the Dorsets. They hear about their son, Johnny. They want to take Johnny and then ask the family for money. ‘He’s a lot of trouble,’ a woman tells them - but Bill and Sam don’t listen. They find the big Dorset house and they find Johnny. ‘He’s a nice little boy,’ they think, and they take him away. But Johnny is a lot of trouble. ‘My name is Red Chief,’ he says, and he likes to play games...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 250 Total words: about 890
Hard words: camping, catch, desperate, dinner, dream, fight, heart, high, hold, kidnap, knock, monster, nose, ouch, ransom, rich, strong, trouble



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