Christine Lindop "The Girl with Red Hair"

Christine Lindop "The Girl with Red Hair"



 Christine Lindop

Mark likes his work in Mason’s store. He watches people, and he asks questions. What is that man putting into his bag? Why is that woman wearing two coats? Why are those two boys looking around all the time? Mark asks questions, and then he finds the answers. Then one day Mark sees a girl with red hair, and he can’t forget her. Now he’s got some different questions. Who is the girl with red hair? Is the little boy her baby? Who is the man in the black jacket - the good-looking man? There are a lot of questions, and Mark doesn’t always find the right answers.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 250 Total words: about 1000
Hard words: alarm, boyfriend, girlfriend, club, dream, drop, good-looking, husband, jacket, kiss, look after, music, pick up, radio, ring, screen, security, store, wave



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