Robert Harris "Ghost"

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Robert Harris "Ghost"

Robert Harris "Ghost"


Robert Harris

Ghost is a story about political investigation. In the 1990s, Robert Harris, who is famous English writer and author of this book, became very interested in British politics and was a supporter of the Labour Party. During this period he met and was friendly with various politicians. However, in March 2003 Britain, together with the United States, invaded Iraq. This invasion started a war which an angry Harris thought ‘made no sense’. Harris decided to begin work on The Ghost. It is Harris’s first example of contemporary political fiction. Its main character, Adam Lang, is a retired British prime minister who took his country into an unpopular war. The fictional narrator of the book, ‘the ghost’, is an unnamed writer who has been employed to write Lang’s memoirs. He is a replacement for Lang’s first ghostwriter, Michael McAra, who has mysteriously died.

The story was made into a film called The Ghost Writer in 2010. Directed by Roman Polanski, this popular film stars Ewan McGregor as the ghostwriter and Pierce Brosnan as Adam Lang.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,200. Total words: about 19,610
Hard words: biological warfare, memories, ghostwriter, SUV, dock, morgue, suicide, research, resign, lecture, bomb-proof, manuscript, kidnaped, CIA, tortured, armoured car, grin, man, Memory Stick, election, dismiss, lobby, demonstrator, Chief Prosecutor, veranda, flashlight, sure, satellite navigation, intercom, drowned, consultant, detention center, memorandum, bugged, MP, naive, accusation, bandage, FBI


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