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A: Graded (sometimes called adapted) books are simplified classic books or written from scratch ones using simple English. Such books are graded by levels. The lower level - the simpler words and language constructions are used. Using graded books you can enjoy reading without much efforts and slowly increase your vocabulary. In every next book you will find some new words for you that will be used in this book several times in different sentences, so you can understand their meaning and remember them at once.
A: Each level has certain a number of basic words and grammar complexity. Approximate distribution by level and examples of texts is shown in the table.

Level Reading

CEFR Level

English Exam

Vocabulary + Grammar





250 basic words
Present simple
Present continuous
Can/cannot, must
Future with going to
Simple gerunds
Simple sentences
There is, There are, It is
Simple questions with yes/no answers

Her phone is ringing – but where is it?
Sally gets out of bed and looks in her bag. No phone. She looks under the bed.
No phone. Then she looks behind the door. There is her phone. Sally picks up her phone and answers it. “Sally’ Sphone”




400 basic words
Past simple
Past continuous
Future with will/shall
Modal – have to
Questions beginning with wh- words

‘This is the work of an enemy.’
‘An enemy? What enemy?’ asked Mrs. Lodge.
‘I don’t know,’ said the Wise Man, looking at her.
‘But perhaps you do. I can show the person to you. Do you want me to do that?’
“The Withered Arm”




700 basic words
Present perfect
(don t) have to, must not, could
Infinitives of purpose
Comparison of adjectives
Simple time clauses
Conditional forms
Tag questions
Ask/tell + infinitive
Modal – could (ability), can (permission)
Compound sentences with two co-ordinate clauses joined by and, but or or

‘Remember, my friend, the gold was not taken – it was still there, on the floor.
So what kind of thief is that? A very, very stupid one, a thief who murders two women and then when he leaves, forgets to take the gold with him!’
“The Murders In The Rue Morgue”




1000 basic words
Present perfect continuous
Past perfect
Should, may
Used to
Relative clauses with, who, which, that
Conditional forms would/could/might
Indirect statements

He knew Mr. Abney was in there, because he could hear him speaking. What was that? Why did Mr. Abney try to cry out? Why was the cry suddenly cut off? Had Mr. Abney, too, seen the mysterious children? But now everything was quiet, and with fear in his heart, Stephen pushed hard against the door until it opened. “A Pair of Ghostly Hands and Other Stories”




1400 basic words
Present perfect continuous
Past perfect continuous
Future perfect
Passive (simple forms)
Extended use of modals and conditional forms – might/may
Would conditional clauses
Indirect questions
Relatives with where/when
Clauses of purpose, reason, contrast
Gerunds after prepositions/phrases

Hester did not move, and when she spoke, her voice was a whisper. ‘Don’t take your revenge on an innocent child.’ ‘Silly woman!’ he replied, half coldly, half kindly. ‘If this poor, miserable baby was my own – mine as well as yours! – I would give her the same medicine.’ “The Scarlet Letter”




1800 basic words
Future continuous
Future perfect conditional
Passive (modals, continuous forms)
Extended verb forms
Would have conditional clauses
Modals + perfect infinitive
So/such...that result clauses
Complex sentences

‘There’s a very narrow channel that goes through the middle. It’s so small that I hadn’t noticed it, when I looked at the chart before we sailed. That’s the one I was carried into. If I had been on the sandbank, the Dulcibella would have broken up in three minutes. I was just lucky that day.’ Lucky – and brave, I thought to myself. ‘But what makes you think he’s a spy?’ I asked. “The Riddle of the Sands”




2500 basic words
Passive (infinitives, gerunds)
Advanced modal meanings
Clauses of concession, condition
Complex sentences

My parents had invited all the families from the Joy Luck Club to witness my first public appearance as a musical prodigy. At first, when I stepped up to the piano in front of the audience, I was confident. It was as if I knew, without a doubt, that the prodigy side of me really did exist. And when I started to play, I was so caught up in how lovely I looked that I didn’t worry how I would sound. So it was a surprise to me when I hit the first wrong note ... “The Joy Luck Club”

A: If you are only began to learn English you should start books from the first level too - Elementary. But if you has been learning English for a while, you can try Pre-intermediate and if it too easy for you - try Intermediate and so on.
A: Unabridged 'level' means that the book is not simplified in any way - it's original version from the author.
A: You can try of course, but if your own vocabulary will contain words from graded books only - unabridged ones will be very hard for you. There is a big distance between advanced graded and unabridged books. You should learn the full grammar course of English before try originals. Also after graded books, you could try magazines, journals and news at English language - they are much easier to understand.
A: Unfortunately, you can't. If you want to develop your English deep, you should not stuck at graded books because they can limit you. As soon as you can freely read advanced level books you should move on. But if English is just your hobby you can just enjoy reading graded books.

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