Jules Verne "Round the World in Eighty Days"

Jules Verne "Round the World in Eighty Days"



Jules Verne

It is 1872 and Phileas Fogg, a quiet, orderly English gentleman, is living in London. His life is divided between his home and his club, and follows a daily pattern that never changes. His new servant, Passepartout, who has joined his service that same day, is looking forward to a quiet, settled existence. Then his master arrives home and announces that, as a result of a bet that he has made, they are leaving immediately for a high-speed trip round the world. A crazy race across continents and oceans follows as Phileas attempts to travel round the world in eighty days in order to win his bet. Not surprisingly, he meets with many dangers and unexpected delays. And there is a detective, Mr Fix, who wants to arrest him for a bank robbery in London. Will Phileas succeed in winning his bet? As time passes, it begins to seem less and less likely...


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 2,300 Total words: about 35,600
Hard words: acrobat, arrest, bail, balloon, bay, boiler, buffalo, cabin, canal, cannon, carriage, companion, consul, deck, honourable, mast, pyramid, reverend, revolver, roar, rudder, silk, sledge, soil, steamer, telegram, temple, tightrope, trade, warrant


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