H. G. Wells "The Invisible Man"

H. G. Wells "The Invisible Man"



H. G. Wells

This novel describes the fate of and English medicine scientist Griffin. The scientist discovers a medicine which makes human's blood invisible. This drug discolors human blood. A person must be an albino in order to become completely invisible. Griffin himself is an albino. He does not want to publicize his discovery. His goal is to create even a greater sensation in the future. But the circumstances suddenly change. Due to financial difficulties he can't continue his work. Griffin has to disappear. The scientist begins a completely new life as an invisible man. Will the first and only invisible person be able to survive and use his new face in the name of good and not evil? Will he do something for the sake of the world?


Text Analysis: Unique words: 2,300. Total words: 20,587
Hard words: arrest, axe, bare, bloodhound, cabman, carriage, coach, colonel, companion, cricketer, crush, exclaim, experiment, glance, growl, half-breed, inch, inn, invisible, napkin, parlour, poker, revolver, scatter, scythe, shilling, sneeze, tracks, tramp, vicar, visible


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