Tim Vicary "The Hitch Hiker"

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Tim Vicary "The Hitch Hiker"



Tim Vicary

A car crash on an empty road, a driver who believes he has killed a man although the police have found no dead body … Sue Fraser, a police sergeant, has to investigate the accident. But first, she must find the hitch-hiker - the man she gave a lift to on the day of the crash.


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 800 Total words: about 6300
Hard words: policewoman, hitchhiker, bookshop, whit, gravestone, moustache, lying, lapel, swerve, lunchtime, liter, hitch, thoughtfully, hiker, managed, bandage, losing, handkerchief, groan, trouser strangely, sergeant, loudly, thoughtful, afterward confused, sixty


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