H. G. Wells "The Time Machine"

H. G. Wells "The Time Machine"



H. G. Wells

The most important person in this book - the Time Traveller - has built his own time machine and has gone forwards into the future, to the year 802,701. He expects to find a world with more intelligent people, better machines and a much better way of living. Perhaps we expect this too, because most books and films about time travel show the future in this way. Instead, he discovers a world where people live simple lives. They play and dance in the sunshine. They sleep in groups in large ruined buildings from an earlier time. They eat nothing except fruit and own nothing except the clothes they wear. At first this is only inconvenient for the Time Traveller, because he has come badly-prepared for a world like this. He has brought only a box of matches. He has no camera, no medicine, not even anything to smoke. To us, a world without meat or tobacco may seem better, or at least healthier, than the modem world, but …


Text Analysis: Unique words: about 1,700 Total words: about 21,530
Hard words: bush, candle, comfort, carb, creature, dial, dimension, editor, experiment, geometry, laboratory, lawn, lever, limp, museum, object, panel, pedestal, psychologist, recover, reflect, rise, robe, species, sphonx, torch, tunnel, weapon, well


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